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Title: Developing a System for Computer Server Room Environment with Internet of thing Technology Line API of Chiang Mai Rajabhat University
Authors: Khumprapai, Viwatchai
Keywords: Environment monitoring system
Temperature and humidity monitoring
Internet of Things
Developing a System for Computer Server Room
Abstract: Abstract The objective of this research is to develop a moisture monitoring system. And temperature by applying the monitor And measure the temperature for the detection of abnormal events which can be alerted through the Line Application System. To let the system administrator know Immediately in case of moisture And the host computer room temperature is abnormally high from the specified limits By installing sensors to measure temperature and humidity levels. In the computer network administration and management room in Chiang Mai Rajabhat University When the temperature is not stable, the system will send notification information to the mobile application of the administrator so that staff can check and see the data at all times. In the development, it is found that the operation of the environment monitoring system in the administrative room and the management of the computer network using IOT technology through Line API of Chiang Mai Rajabhat University. Received evaluation of overall system performance at the highest level (average of 4.69) and can be used in actual rooms, administration rooms, and computer network management Of Chiang Mai Rajabhat University. From the experiment of temperature alert system in the room, computer network management service Through the Line API application of the researcher, the system can alert the temperature And humidity in the room every 1 hour through the Line API application, but there are still some parts that can be added to make use of the notification system More efficient Which ง has made recommendations as a guideline for those interested in leading the project for further development.
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