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Title: Microcontroller Walking Cane for Visually Impaired People
Authors: Panpaeng, Sancha
Chomputun, Atita
Keywords: Microcontroller walking stick
smart walking stick
walking stick for the visually impaired
Abstract: The objectives of this study are 1.) to design and build a microcontroller walking stick prototype. For the visually impaired. 2.) Able to warn, vibrate, and sound. When an obstacle is found within 50 cm from the ultrasonic sensor 45 degrees north in front of the face and head, the instrument used to (1) Arduino UNO (2) Ultrasonic Sensor HC-04 (3) Buzzer (4) Vibration motor (5) Jumper wires. And in the part of the cane, you can also adjust the height to match the size of the user. For aptitude, the detection of the ultrasonic sensor is objective. Microcontroller cane test results for the visually impaired so that the visually impaired can be safer and more aware of the obstacles in front of the head using an ultrasonic sensor. It is an obstacle detector. Processing and the results are displayed in the form of sound and vibration. Able to fulfill the purpose and the scope of all projects can alert vibrate and sound when encountering obstacles within a specified distance.
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