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Title: The analysis of object size: Case studies of Peeled Banana.
Authors: Panpaeng, Sancha
Sakunwutthichai, Phanuwat
Keywords: The analysis of object size
Image Processing
edge detection
Morphological image
Abstract: This research aims to develop a method for analyzing the size of a case study of peeled bananas using image processing techniques. The researcher developed a program to analyze the peeled banana size in this research. For the experiment, the researcher used 30 fruit bananas. In the investigation, the actual banana's size was compared with the banana obtained from the developed program. Analyzing the characteristics of the photo of Kluai Namwa, It consists of area, length, width, and the ratio between length and width. The size can be identified by giving an average accuracy of 73.3% of the actual measurement. Which methods for analyzing the size of objects The proposed case study of peeled bananas can be used to determine the extent of peeled bananas. And can continue to develop into an automatic object sizing system.
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